The Lace Archive

The Lace Archive is a collaborative art and research project supported by an

individual artist grant received from ArtsWestchester. The project brings

people together to create monumental lace tapestries and to contribute to a historical

textile archive.

I am awed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of artists, friends and strangers who continue to send in their lace. These contributions, along with the contributors and their stories, have become integral to my work. Their names and narrative is included in exhibitions of the work.

During 2020 quarantine as I was working on recent lace projects and posted on social media, boxes of lace began arriving from friends and from strangers around the country. Each piece is photographed, measured, and archived before being dyed and/or incorporated into a work. The recent installations are made wholly from donated lace. This is an ongoing project and not all donations are posted here yet.

There is much more lace in the process of being documented- check back soon to follow the progress.

If you have lace and would like to donate (or sell) it for the project, email me. I cover shipping!

The Lace Archive was on view at Garrison Art Center, Garrison NY, from September 18th- November 7th, 2021 in digital form and interpreted into the lace installation as part of my solo show, PUNTO IN ARIA. The public was invited to add to the collection by bringing lace to the gallery throughout the exhibition, as well as through family and adult workshops on Saturday, October 23 and November 7, and an in-gallery artist talk on Oct 23.

Patricia Miranda