Thank you to all those generous folks who continue to send lace. The offerings of lace are integral to the content of the work, tangible participation from a community which includes family, friends, and strangers from around the world.

This is an ongoing and very incomplete list of contributors.

* notes contributors from Westchester County as part of the grant

Meg Pierce, FL-who sent the first box!

Christine Aaron,* NY

Jodi Colella, MA

Susan Ernst

Heide Follin, CT

Milisa Galazzi, RI

Michelle Johnson, NH

Kay Hartung

Natalya Khorover,* NY

Karen Kalkstein, CT

Andrea Kantrowitz, NY

Jackie Loreio,* NY

Cindy MacCollum, CT

Salvatore Marasa, NY

Mary Mattei, MA

Giulia and Manuela Mazzolani, Italy

Elizabeth Newman,* NY/CT

Jill London & Paul Newell, NY

Lia Rothstein

Suzan Shutan, CT

Avery B. Syrig,* NY

Tommy, NY

Chip Rutan, CT